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How would it feel to open your inbox each day to see a bunch of eager prospects ready to buy from you?

Sales would soar, you’d be able to expand the team, you wouldn’t have to stress about when that next referral comes through or begging foot traffic does the job. Weekends would no longer be catch uptime, and you’d finally be able to enjoy the reasons you began a business.

It’s time to stop hitting refresh on your emails, and time to grow your business effectively, and fast. Aren’t you sick of spending unpredictably on marketing campaigns, not knowing if they’re really working?

Our online strategies will show you how to explode your business, and applies to each and every industry. We believe in them so much, we’ll guarantee results on our KPI’s – If your business doesn’t grow you don’t pay!


Here’s how we will soar your sales

Traffic, traffic, and more traffic.

There are over 3.5 billion Google searches every single day, and plenty of those are looking for what you have to offer! We consistently send highly-qualified visitors to your website through paid and organic traffic sources.

Make your site a 24/7 sales professional.

We build websites with one goal in mind, sales. We specialize in money-making lead magnets that will turn visitors into paying customers by knowing exactly what they’re looking for.

Retarget those that didn’t get in touch!

The average conversion rate is 5%, so every 1000 visitors only 50 are handing over their details. What about the other 950? Well, they tend to go elsewhere or back to regular internet browsing. We retarget these visitors with ads across social media boosting your conversion rate and not leaving any money on the table.

Build relationships with automation – more sales, less work.

We integrate an automated system that moves your prospects from I’m interested to I’m ready to buy! No more boring follow-ups and you’ve got yourself a true money-making machine.

What’s the difference at


We’re an ROI focused agency. That means our goal is to return $3+ for every $1 of your marketing spend. We understand that as a business owner, it’s not about traffic or likes, but getting more paying clients and customers. We spend time to understand you, your business, your goals, and exactly what your customers are looking for. We build a strategy from the ground up that’ll generate you consistent traffic, of hungry prospects.

5 Ways to Soar Your Sales in 90 Days

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01. ROI Focused Marketing

Our top priority is delivering results, we understand that hard-working business owners invest heavily into digital marketing and need results.

02. Complete Transparancy

We provide transparent reporting and analytics that are directly integrated into your website in real-time. You see all the data, anytime, anywhere.

03. Revenue Growth

Just remember if you don’t earn, neither do we. That’s why a positive ROI is our key focus for all clients at Hike.

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