Green Azz Turf

Aaron, founder of Green Azz Turf & Irrigation, didn’t previously have a website before Hike delivered. Despite strong social channels, there wasn’t a Google presence. The goal was to setup a lead generating machine that performed locally, and extend the professional of the branding.

To address these objectives, we started by understanding the client’s business and target audience. We collaborated closely with the client to define their brand identity and vision for the website. This allowed us to create a website design that aligned with their professionalism and expertise in the landscaping industry.

Building the website from scratch provided us with a unique opportunity to optimise it for local SEO right from the start. We conducted extensive keyword research to identify location-specific terms with high search volumes. By integrating these keywords into the website’s meta tags, headings, content, and URLs, we ensured that the site would rank well in local search results.

The launch of the new website brought significant results for our client. Despite not having a previous online presence, they experienced a remarkable increase in website traffic and online visibility. The optimised local SEO efforts led to higher rankings in local search results, attracting more potential customers in their target area. Furthermore, the strategic implementation of lead generation tactics resulted in a substantial growth in qualified leads and conversions.

“We approached Lachlan about setting up a web page for our business and could not be happier with the end result. The process was very easy and nothing was to much trouble due to many changes we made. I’d highly recommend Lachlan if your considering a web design.”

At Hike, we are committed to helping local businesses thrive online. By creating visually appealing websites, optimising local SEO, and driving valuable leads, we empower businesses to reach their full potential in the digital landscape. Contact us today to unlock the power of a professionally designed website for your business.

  • Clients:
    Aaron Haynes
  • Category:
    SEOWebsite Design
  • Date:
    28 June, 2021