Perricoota Vines

Our client, an accommodation venue, approached us with the objective of enhancing their online presence and improving the user experience on their website. They recognized that their existing website contained an overwhelming amount of content, leading to a cluttered and confusing user interface.

To address their needs, we conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s website and identified the key areas for improvement. Our approach involved a comprehensive redesign of the website’s layout, focusing on creating an intuitive and visually appealing user experience while streamlining the content.

One of the main challenges we encountered during the project was striking the right balance between providing essential information about the accommodation venue and avoiding overwhelming the visitors with excessive content. It was crucial to create a clean and organized design that showcased the venue’s unique features while ensuring a seamless user experience.

To overcome this challenge, we collaborated closely with the client to understand their goals and target audience. Through iterative design and feedback sessions, we worked towards simplifying the website’s structure and prioritizing the most relevant information. Our goal was to create a user-friendly interface that conveyed the venue’s charm and amenities effectively.

“Our new website, created by Lachlan from Hike has just launched and we couldn’t be happier with the result! Lachlan was incredibly patient and helpful throughout the process and very quick to respond to emails and calls. The live deployment was quick and smooth and we have already had some great feedback for our new “look”.  We would highly recommend Hike – Thanks again Lachlan!”

Upon implementing the redesigned website, our client witnessed significant improvements. The new design showcased the venue’s offerings in a visually engaging manner, capturing the attention of potential guests. The simplified navigation and streamlined content led to a 20% increase in website engagement, as visitors were able to find the information they needed more easily.

This project underscored the importance of collaboration and effective communication with our clients. By understanding their unique requirements and aligning our design expertise with their goals, we were able to deliver a website that improved the user experience and showcased the accommodation venue’s best features. We will carry forward these valuable insights into future projects, ensuring that we consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients in the hospitality industry.

  • Clients:
    Mindi Abel
  • Category:
    Website Design
  • Date:
    13 May, 2021